Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wouldn't it be Cool, if Employees had Baseball Cards

I think Major League Baseball has it all figured out. They really know which Metrics that Matter to their teams.

Picture this, instead of a resume, all employees carried with them a "Baseball Card" aka Employee Talent card. On that card, you have stats like:
  • % of goal attainment

  • % of revenue increase

  • % improvement in a specific competency from last year

  • # new accounts won and lost

Having information like this would sure make it easier to: 1) Acquire new talent (draft) 2) Trade non-performing or misaligned talent 3) Fire under performing talent

During the employment cycle employees can add to their Talent Cards by including things like:

  • Performance ratings last 3 years

  • Productivity numbers

  • Special project results

As in baseball, I can't imagine keeping an employee that gets up to bat time and time again without EVER hitting a ball. These cards could replace resumes and performance appraisals all in one swoop! (I mean crack of the bat!)

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