Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wouldn't it be Cool, if Employees had Baseball Cards

I think Major League Baseball has it all figured out. They really know which Metrics that Matter to their teams.

Picture this, instead of a resume, all employees carried with them a "Baseball Card" aka Employee Talent card. On that card, you have stats like:
  • % of goal attainment

  • % of revenue increase

  • % improvement in a specific competency from last year

  • # new accounts won and lost

Having information like this would sure make it easier to: 1) Acquire new talent (draft) 2) Trade non-performing or misaligned talent 3) Fire under performing talent

During the employment cycle employees can add to their Talent Cards by including things like:

  • Performance ratings last 3 years

  • Productivity numbers

  • Special project results

As in baseball, I can't imagine keeping an employee that gets up to bat time and time again without EVER hitting a ball. These cards could replace resumes and performance appraisals all in one swoop! (I mean crack of the bat!)


Brent Churchwell, Strategist said...

I know SuccessFactors had something along these lines, at least rudimentary capability, in their Talent Mgmt platform.

As an aside, for any HR professional with such a card, I think we should appropriately opt for a wrestling pose!

Anonymous said...

How do you measure the subjective side of HR? For things tied to culture, you may demonstrate the impact on turnover, satisfaction scores, etc. However, there are still many things in the world of HR that are very challenging to quantify.

Thank you for the provoking thoughts.

Best Regards,

Unknown said...


I agree that culture is one of those things like employee engagement that is hard to measure. What we do is recommend tracking data over time within a company to see how these areas impact revenue, profits etc. So, you may want to have a cultural survey that you can track scores over time and correlate those with other data like turnover which you can easily quantify.