Monday, September 15, 2008

What does AGE have to do with EngAGEment?

The answer to that question is… everything! Does this scenario sound familiar in your organization?

The Veterans and Boomers that have been with your organization for 20+ years are quite frustrated with the “new kids” coming onboard. “They just don’t work as hard as we do.” “They aren’t loyal to this organization” “They have not paid their dues yet”
For this first time in history we have 4 distinct demographic groups in our work places:

1) Veterans
2) Boomers
3) GenXers
4) GenYers

With these very different generations, how do we keep them engaged and loyal to our companies? The first consideration is to understand how each group views the workplace. (double click on table for a larger view)

Just as we target our customers’ needs based on demographics, we will need to do the same for our employees. It is no longer “one size fits all” when it comes to careers, rewards, and job content. Companies with this mentality are going to find themselves without talent in a world where talent is in short supply. So, how will you think and act differently regarding the changing workforce? Is your Human Resource Department ready for this challenge?

The first step is to analyze employee engagement by generation and to understand the differences in scores. Then, like a detective search for root causes of differences so that you can take action based on that data. For example, if you find that Xer's prefer time off to a monetary bonus for a job well done consider giving employees a choice when it comes to rewards.

ACTION ITEM: Start analyzing your employee engagement data by generation!

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I am fascinated with what is going on in the workplace and how it affects the entire organization. This gives us a lot to think about across a company in regards to communication, HR related information/issues, training, etc.