Monday, October 13, 2008

It's a Great Time for an HR Audit

With pressures on the bottom line now more than ever, I am sure you are looking to be as efficient and effective as you can possibly be. The HR Department is no exception. An HR Audit can reveal if the department is performing at its highest and best level.

A HR Audit will determine if:

• HR Strategy is linked to the organizational goals and objectives thus providing the linkage necessary to be high performing

• HR Metrics are being utilized to track HR performance making sure HR is effective and efficient

• Policies and procedures are compliant and are being consistently implemented throughout the organization to prevent unwanted legal exposure

• The Performance management program is measuring the competencies that make your  organization successful

• Recruiting processes are yielding high quality talent based on your organizational competencies

By taking the time now to determine what can be done to save costs and improve productivity, HR can focus on adding value during this economic downturn.  The pressure of adding value to the organization will be heightened as top executives have to make sure that systems are streamlined, customers are served and profits are protected.  Now, more than ever HR must be focused on those activities that can add to the top line, protect the bottom line and increase productivity. 

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Anonymous said...

A great tool for an HR Audit is ELLA marketed by Laurdan Associates.