Monday, November 24, 2008

A Metric That Matters to Me!

This week is about giving thanks and with this year of uncertainty and change, I have a wonderful story about some very kind people.

I sent an email last week to everyone in my Outlook database, about 800+.  The net of the email was about a charity in Atlanta, Samaritan House needing some assistance.  I am on the board for Sam House and over the past few years we have held a Christmas party for hundreds of homeless men and women.  We sing, we give out gift bags and we serve lunch.  This year, donations were down.  After I sent a plea to my contacts, in an matter of hours they donated toothbrushes, toiletries, hats, gloves, socks, underwear, etc.  We are very close to having our goal of 300 gift bags.

So, my initial goal was to have 300 gift bags, I thought that was the "metric" that mattered to me.  It was not.  The metric that matters to me is the number of big hearts people in this country still have when times are tough.  I have heard, "You know budgets are tight, but they are always those that need more."  And that is so true.  I have had people to donate a few items all they way up to 300 toothbrushes.  The sense of community and the sense of mission was almost overwhelming when all the emails and calls came pouring in.  I did not expect it.

Yesterday, I heard something that rings so true in this story for me.  "We are all just co-workers in the area of service."  I just want to thank all my co-workers in this effort!

I can't wait to see the faces of the men and women on the day of our party, December 19th.  I know we will make a difference in one of their lives.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you for making a difference and showing others the way. That is leadership. Happy Holidays.

Unknown said...

Thanks Joanne for the kind words. Happy Holidays to you as well.