Thursday, November 6, 2008

Show Me Your Performance

The elections are over and now it is show time. Obama has the daunting tasks of making a difference and performing on his CHANGE promise. We will all be watching in the coming months..gauging his performance.

Which brings me to employee performance...of course, I had to tie that in somehow. I think now more than ever performance is the new mantra for HR. With layoffs occurring on an hour by hour basis at some point we will have shed ourselves of our bottom performers. When this occurs how will we decide who stays and who goes?

It has to be:

• Who is performing the highest?
• Who is adding the most value: (as defined by the customer)

So, how will we be able to measure this or tell who is performing and adding value? We should say our super duper performance management system. We all know this is a very big lie.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, (subscription needed) Samuel Culbert suggests, "Get Rid of the Performance Appraisal." Culbert suggests a "two-side, reciprocally accountable, performance preview." The emphasis is on PREVIEW which is based on the future. The premise is you will be setting an employee up for success not reviewing failures. I LIKE IT.

ACTION ITEM: Review your current performance appraisal system and determine if it is success focused.

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