Monday, December 22, 2008

Here’s One Climate Change We Can Control!

Barbara Hughes, Co-Founder of ICC, authored this week's blog.
A company’s service climate is a function of its customer strategy and is strongly correlated with customer satisfaction. Measuring your employees’ perceptions of how strongly you execute service quality and service capability is predictive of customer behaviors. For example, when employees perceive they work in a positive service climate, customers report they experience a positive service quality and are more satisfied.

So, employee feedback is a critical resource to gauge what drives your customers’ satisfaction, intention to repurchase and refer you to someone else.

Managing the service climate is a tool that HR and other business units can use strategically for higher performance and financial results.

There are 8 core drivers of the service climate:

• Customer Orientation and Service Quality Emphasis

• Management Support

• Hiring

• Training

• Rewards & Recognition

• Teamwork

• Support Systems

• Customer Feedback

Not all of these drivers may apply to your organization. Soliciting feedback from your employees will determine which drivers have the strongest impact on your service climate.

In 2009, we will be discussing much more about service climate, linking employee and customer data for superior performance and the “how-to’s” of this critical organizational strategy.

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