Monday, December 15, 2008

It's a Good Time to get Your HR House in Order

I believe next year will bring even more challenges with our economy, layoffs and even new legislation that will impact our organizations.  With this in mind, it is a perfect time to make sure HR is aligned to the business.  Because I think once things do turn around and they will, BUSINESS WILL BE CONDUCTED VERY DIFFERENTLY.

I believe the new key words will be Performance and Accountability

So with that said, HR will be in a great place to make those two things happen by creating:
1) A true pay for performance system
2) Metrics that link to the organizational goals and objectives

Before you start on the two items above, I believe HR will need to make sure its house is in good order.  In other words, make sure that the basics are being done correctly like compliance, payroll, benefits, handbooks, and polices and then you can start on the strategic projects.

A good first step is to conduct a very thorough HR Audit to see where you stand.  The audit can certainly be handled internally but like any other audit, it is always good to get an outside, objective pair of eyes. 

View a sample Audit Form to see items that should be considered during an HR Audit.  After the audit is complete you can then prioritize the action items that resulted from the audit.  Action items should be results oriented and linked to the goals and objectives of the organization. 

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Anonymous said...

One thing I completely agree with you that "BUSINESS WILL BE CONDUCTED VERY DIFFERENTLY." especially in 2009. Coming January will be quite different from the previous one, it will be rather less happier that previous ones for HR.

I heard many companies have hold lay-offs upto the Christmas and new year. Now HR has to be more 'Performance Oriented' and have right tools and strategies in place.

Gireesh Kumar Sharma
Blogger @ Talent Junction