Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Job Analysis: 5 Reasons to Start One


My colleagues and I have been working on an extensive job analysis project for the past few months. As we study over 200+ jobs I am reminded why this is such a great study for HR professionals to consider:

1) It is the best and fastest way for an HR person to understand the business.

2) It becomes crystal clear who the top performers are when you interview, observe and collect job data

3) Recruiting is much more effective because you know the knowledge, skills and abilities for each job

4) Inconsistencies within job titles and job families are uncovered

5) Job analysis data can then be used to CUSTOMIZE compensation redesign, performance management and training design

And let’s not forget that the major deliverable of a job analysis is up to date job descriptions. I believe that you should take a competency and skills based approach when performing this type of analysis. This approach works well with succession planning and career development.

The most important part of the job analysis process is the actual data collection. Our team has been scoring the jobs using the PAQ (Position Analysis Questionnaire) that has 195 scored items. You can imagine the detail for each job. In order to score each job we have been using several data points that give us rich information on each job;

1) Job questionnaires that are filled out by each incumbent

2) Job observation-certain jobs are observed to get a better understanding of that job

3) Current job descriptions

4) Manager interviews

By understanding the jobs and what makes individuals successful in those jobs is a good first step in making sure HR systems are aligned. If we don't understand the job then is makes it very hard to hire for that job, train for that job, appraise that job and set realistic expectations for the job.

Action Item: Start Job Analysis, January 2009

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