Monday, January 5, 2009

HR Skill Set: What you need in these Chaotic Times

We have all said, these are crazy times and that business is forever changed. What does this mean for HR? Last week, I posted a blog that argued HR’s time to be strategic is now. So, what kind of skills will it take for an HR professional to be successful in the next 5 years?

I believe the usual HR competencies still apply:

1) HR Technical knowledge- Be in expert in the field, i.e. benefits, compliance, employee relations, etc.
2) Change Management skills- HR must lead and not follow.
3) Performance Management - It is all about performance.
4) Workforce planning/Staffing - Right people in the right seat at the right time.
5) Strategic focus- Understand the business, the direction, and how HR can impact results

I believe these are the ones that are needed now:

1) Analytical thinking- Demonstrate impact/ROI of HR programs, track trends in workforce planning, metrics, etc., link employee behaviors to customer loyalty and measure results. Shift from making decisions by gut to decisions by data.
2) Understanding the organization’s customer and the service culture-Understand what value the organization brings to the customer, make sure employees deliver on that value and design infrastructure to support service delivery.
3) Relationship builder-Ability to build relationships with line managers, executives, vendors, etc. in order to share knowledge and collaborate on solutions.
4) Business consultant-by understanding the business HR aligns all systems to support business strategies, goals and objectives.
5) Operational expert-HR studies operations to create and improve best processes.

Next question, if you don’t have all of these, how do you go about obtaining those? I am asked that question at least 2-3 times per month. Thoughts?
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