Monday, February 2, 2009

Is Now the Time for an Employee Survey?

I have been asked several times in the last few weeks if now is a good time to survey employees.  I say, "YES!" Here is why:

1) Employees are nervous-Surveys can be as much about PR, as they are about research.  Just by reaching out to the employees and touching base, you send a message of  "We Care."

2) SpillOver Effect-In an earlier blog, I discussed the relationship between happy employees and happy customers...this is still the case and now it is even MORE important. 

3) Build loyalty now-When this situation is better, employees will remember how the company responded in bad times.

4) It is relatively inexpensive-with so many online solutions and third party providers, data gathering can be very cost effective.  Good bang for the buck.

5) Ability to rise from the ashes-by understanding what the issues are now (management, job satisfaction, etc) you can correct and emerge better and stronger!

6) Performance of Top Talent Matters-determining how loyal your top performers are is critical.  Making sure they are taking care of NOW versus LATER is smart. 

7) You may learn something you didn't know-In my experience when conducting employee surveys, if constructed correctly, you learn a great deal and even get some really cool suggestions. 

So, get busy constructing your employee survey. Customization of questions is key.  Stay tuned for a blog post on why questions should be customized and not copied from other organizations.

Thoughts?  Please comment on your ideas regarding employee surveys!
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