Monday, February 23, 2009

What are Your Company's Moments of Truth?

During every interaction with customers and employees you have the opportunity to create a memorable experience. These experiences or “Moments of Truth” are what drive employee and customer loyalty, allowing your company to rise above your competition.

Do you thrill your customer at each opportunity? Here are a few questions to consider:
1) Is my website designed with our customer in mind? Is it easy for our customer to navigate the site and to place orders?
2) How do you answer incoming calls? Is it personal or a voicemail jail?
3) When a customer calls into your billing department do they get a friendly individual or a promise of a call back in 72 hours?
4) Does your help desk and call center solve problems on the first call in or do you escalate calls to another level making the customer wait?

Your employees experience Moments of Truth, too. Do you take the opportunity at each touch point to build loyalty and good will for your company? Think about the employee life cycle at your company:

1) Is your recruiting process mostly automated or high touch?
2) Do you call candidates back and let them know where they are in the selection process? (these individuals could be and probably are your customer)
3) Is orientation a great way to learn about your company or is it a paper work exercise?
4) Is your performance management system designed to develop employees or discipline them?
5) Do you have built-in feedback opportunities for employees?

Take the first step in understanding how to build loyalty into your company’s touch points by mapping your employee and customer experiences. Consistent POSITIVE interactions OVER TIME with both groups is what builds loyalty. Remember in a previous post, the "Spillover/Service Mirror" Effect: Your customers reflect your employees attitudes.
How does your company build great Moments of Truth for your employees and customers? Please post a comment, would love to hear from you!

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