Monday, May 18, 2009

The Survey Says....

You are so excited to get your employee/customer survey results back and you read through the 110 page report and you have no idea what to do next. Sound familiar?

Many times, our clients have asked us what should we do as a result of their survey results. Employee surveys can yield an overwhelming amount of data. You can have the data sliced by geography, supervisor, tenure, department and so on. The possibilities are endless. What you really want to know is, WHAT DRIVES EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Because if your know that answer, you can continue what you are doing well and improve what you are not doing well to increase engagement.

The same is true for customer surveys. You need to know what drives their engagement as well. As you have read on previous posts, we believe that there is a direct relationship between employee and customer engagement. Going one step further we feel that a "service mirror" exists where your employees commitment is directly "reflected" (felt and understood) by your customers.

So why stop with the drivers of employee and customer engagement, take it one step further and see how those drivers impact your business results. See model below:

Yes, this driver and impact analysis uses more complex statistics such as correlations and multiple regressions, but the intelligence created is priceless. Wouldn't you like to know which employee behaviors are valued by your customers that impact repeat business? (instead of endless pages of mean scores that do not tie to anything?) I would!
Looking at the circles in the middle of the model containing, leadership, strategy, culture, employees and customer, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Those are the areas that are very hard for your competitors to duplicate, they are your competitive advantage. Because these areas are unique to your business you need assessment tools that are unique as well. An off the shelf survey product will not give you the data you need to make better business decisions.

So the next time you start a data gathering exercise make sure you customize the survey tool and analyze the results to get to what drives YOUR desired business results. Your thoughts?

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