Monday, June 22, 2009

Date Your Employees and Customers

Just when we thought we had the customer experience figured out and were rolling out customer loyalty strategies in our companies, current thought leadership now focuses on making an emotional connection with your customers.

What do customers want today anyway?

  • They want an experience with you that delights them
  • Their needs are met
  • Their expectations are exceeded
  • They are treated as unique and special
  • The experience they have with your company is about them – not you
  • They want things to be easy and they want help fast.

When you design an experience through the eyes of your customers, you will be rewarded with profitable buyers who are unwilling to leave. Anything less leaves you vulnerable to switching and churn.

So, what drives the customer experience is a combination of emotional and rational drivers – hearts and minds – but the most important from your point of view is winning the customer’s heart…every single time, at every point in your customer experience.

Who delivers the experience? Your highly engaged employees that want:
  • An employment experience that delights them
  • Their needs to be met
  • Their expectations to be exceeded
  • To be treated as unique and special
  • They want things to be easy and they want help fast.
  • A job that is challenging and offers learning

So it looks like you need to have an emotional connection with both your customers and your employees.
How can you recognize whether you’ve got their hearts and minds? Ask them, with well thought out customized surveys so you know where to improve both experiences. Just remember it is all about the Service Profit Connection, engaged employees delivering an exceptional customer experience leading to increased revenue.

The company should always be in "date" mode with its employees and customers making sure that all interactions are like first dates, where you are always trying to impress each other!

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