Friday, July 31, 2009

Promises, Promises

To continue or conversation from last week on employee commitment, I wanted to share a customer experience I just had on vacation this week.

Our family goes to Gulf Shores, Alabama just about every year on vacation. We have stayed at many properties in the area. This time we had enough points for us to stay at a well known national chain, so we did.

On our way down, we called for an early check-in and the front desk clerk said, "Well , we can't promise that we can have that for you as we are booked, so we don't want to commit to that." Those words perked my ears right up. I thought wow, "promise and commitment" that employee is very engaged.

We arrived at the hotel and the staff were beyond friendly. We got to our rooms and I saw a laminated card that read:

We promise to:

  • Always make you feel welcome

  • Always give you a room that's clean and reflects the highest quality

  • Always respond promptly to any need you might have

  • Always give you the service that will make you want to return

They were absolutely living the above statement. So, of course, I had to ask the question, "How does everyone in this hotel seem to rally around your promise?" The employee responded to me by saying, "Because the company does the same thing for us." BINGO

This is an example of a company that understands commitment is two-way and that the company delivers on its promises to the employee and the employees in turn delivery on its promises to the customer. So simple, yet so IMPACTFUL.

Next time I go on vacation, I will stay at the same hotel, EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT RIGHT ON THE BEACH!!!!

How do you think HR can design a customer experience like the one above???

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Anonymous said...

Nice post. There is a typo "of coarse" should read "of course"

Unknown said...

Thanks, I will fix that right now. I appreciate the catch! Thanks for reading.