Monday, August 24, 2009

What Does the CEO want from HR Today?

We seem to be hearing signs that our economy may be heading for recovery.  I wonder what our "new normal" will be for businesses in the aftermath of the worst economic situation our country has ever gone through.

I then think about if  the expectations for HR will be different than they are or have been.  Does the CEO need something different from HR?  Over the last month I have spoken to many HR professionals on the topic of HR Metrics that Matter.  I always ask the question, "Which metrics are important to your CEO?"  Last week, one student said, "I think the CEO will have a different mindset for HR post recession."  Of course, that comment sparked a healthy and lively discussion.  I wanted to summarize our thoughts and see if you had any to add or debate:

1) The CEO will expect HR to make sure high performers are taken care of and the non-performers are fixed or fired.  The idea here is that we will still be trying to do more with less and we want to make sure we retain the best of the best while making sure motivation is not sacrificed when poor performers are kept too long.

2) The CEO will expect HR to measure its performance.  All other departments do, so should HR.
3) The CEO wants HR to make sure that the most productive people in the industry are hired and retained.
4) The CEO expects the top level HR person to also be a business person that understands the customer, the competitive landscape and the company's financials.
5) The CEO wants pay for performance and HR must design all systems accordingly.
What do you think your CEO wants from HR.  I would love to hear your comments and observations. 

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