Thursday, September 24, 2009

HR as Rock Stars!

Over the last week, I have had some very interesting discussions in Social MediaLand.

I have had many lively discussions regarding my last post, "Dear Job Seeker in HR." Some of the comments were left on my blog but most were either emailed or communicated to me in person, which I find interesting. Some of the comments were around the idea that recruiters are using social media to make decisions on non-job related criteria. There are definitely two schools of thought around this issue. I have heard:

1) Recruiters should have a process and a framework to evaluate social media content as it relates to the job
2) Whatever is on the internet is fair game and if it is in the public view then recruiters can use that information however they wish.

This topic has really sparked a lot of discussion and thought., I have a colleague, Brent Churchwell, that suggested a panel discussion on this topic for the SHRM-Atlanta conference. We are in the process of organizing that event now. Stay tuned for details; it should be interesting! Now, this is how social media can be effective...keeping the conversation going.

What are your thoughts on the role Social Media should play in the selection process? How do you BRAND yourself as a ROCK STAR online?

After the Social Media discussions, I joined another discussion on "Is HR Dying" over at Punkrock HR. Laurie Ruettimann, a well known HR blogger posed an interesting and thought provoking question. (please read the comments, and yes there are many, but worth it). The net, net of the post was that many people had various opinions on the subject, but at the end of the posts bloggers agreed on one thing; HR bloggers do not do a good job of talking about the GOOD that HR does. We need to talk more about how HR has made a difference and highlight the ROCK STARS!

So, I decided that as a follow up to my post from last week, discussing what HR Manager candidates did wrong, I would discuss how the final candidates were ROCK STARS.

In my opinion, we had some of the best talent out there interviewing for an HR Manager's job for a client. Here is what made the finalist ROCK STARS:

1) Well prepared: They knew more about the client than I did.
2) Leave behinds: They had designed a brochure, a folder or another "marketing" tool to leave with the client. Excellent idea
3). Followed up: Sent an immediate "thank you" email and expressed again, why they would be a great fit for the job.
4) Asked GREAT questions.
5) Tied HR initiatives back to results: Discussed the value of HR programs in terms of ROI.
6) Listened
7) Asked for a tour of the facility
8) Used real examples of situations form their experiences that were relevant to the client.

So, what are your thoughts on being a ROCK STAR in the interviewing process?


Jenny DeVaughn said...

Cathy, love this post. I agree with you and Brent. This is a great topic for the SHRM-Atlanta Annual Conference next month.

phoby said...

Great post! I had some interviews with candidates where the candidates came prepared, well dressed, and knew more about the client than I. I normally get 'goosebumps' on how good these candidates are - and it allows me to market them easier back to the client if I know the candidate did their homework!