Monday, October 12, 2009

Employee Engagement in One Minute

Sometimes, simpler is just better. I am a management consultant and I find myself making easy things more complex from time to time. I guess we feel the more complex something is, the more we know about a subject.

My business partner ran across this YouTube Video on engagement. It is the best one I have seen. Simple, yet so true!

According to Drewberry LTD, the 3 tiers of employee engagement are:
1) to understand
2) to reward
3) to communicate

All very easy, yet we as managers and business owners can't get this right. We are terrible at asking our employees what they think, or how they would solve an issue. When it comes to rewards we often use a "one size fits all" approach. That doesn't work in blue jeans, nor does it work to motivate ALL employees.

Communication is the real tough one. Our company has been conducting employee surveys for almost 13 years. On each survey we have analyzed we always see/hear the same thing; "They don't communicate to us." "They" meaning managers and supervisors.

Do I think that these are the only 3 things we need to focus But, the 3 tiers are the basics and if we could get those right, we would have more engaged employees. I do believe what drives engagement differs from one company to the next depending on leadership, culture, and the employees. By examining drivers of engagement through well thought out surveys and making sure the basics are right, you can really focus on what makes your employees more productive in turn making your customers happier, which ultimately makes your checkbook bigger!

Tell me what has worked for you in your company regarding the basics. How do you communicate effectively? How do you understand employees? How do you design reward systems that really motivate? I would love to hear from you!

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Michael D. Haberman, SPHR said...

A strong message in a cute video. Great way to get a message across.