Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Are You Doing to Engage Your Employees, Today?

We had the pleasure of attending the SHRM-Atlanta Fall Conference this week. At the conference, we had the opportunity to ask HR practitioners what they were doing inside their companies to engage their employees. Check out the YouTube videos below:

The HR professionals we interviewed discussed a common theme of "making connections" regarding employee engagement. The examples are summarized below:

1) Make sure employees know they are valued. (Connect with employees on an emotional level)
2) Take care of your employees, so they take care of your customers. (Happy employee-happy customer connection)
3) Engaged employees are in the right job, they love their work! (Teela at Talent Connections loves making connections)
4) During tough times, make connections with employees on a social level. (gets people connected and out of the day to day grind)

I heard an interesting statistic at the conference. 50% of your employees would consider leaving, if jobs were available. That is astounding to me. I can understand it, as we are stressed, stretched and scared! Those are the reasons why you need to be focused on engagement as a company today. Engagement is not a program or a policy. Engagement is about leadership. Do your leaders, lead an engaged company?

Let us know what your company is doing TODAY about engagement!

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