Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Say "Goodbye" to Engagement Programs and "Hello" to Engaged Companies

Last week we discussed why "Good Programs Fail." Thank you for the your comments on the subject. This week, I would like to discuss why engagement is not a program, but a key organizarional outcome.Employee engagement has been getting a lot of press lately. Companies are in uncharted territory with this economy so some are being reactive and trying anything to survive. (program of the month).

I would argue that your employees are where your revenues are made and lost. Specifically, where employees interact with the customer and then the customer decides whether to buy, re-buy, refer or seek another provider. We refer to this interaction as the service mirror or spillover effect when customers reflect employees engaged behaviors and vice versa.

I believe engagement is not about an employee survey program but about how the entire company is engaged with the organizational strategy, how the employees are engaged in their work, how the customers are engaged in the products and services and how leadership inspires employees, engaging them with the company via their heart and their mind.

Engagement is an outcome leading to desired business results such as profitability, revenue, market share or cost reductions.

How can you tell if your company is engaged?

1) Measure engagement levels in each of the 5 key organizational areas: strategy, leadership, culture, employee and customer.

2) Identify engagement gaps

3) Create action plans that address the gaps

4) Drill action plans down to individual level

5) Create Metrics that Matter to your company tracking performance

6) Communicate goals, metrics, success and progress

Do you have an engagement program or an engaged company?

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Michael D. Haberman, SPHR said...

You are right. Engagement is not an employee thing or a customer thing it is an ORGANIZATION thing! It requires the participation, enthusiastic participation of everyone. Nice post.