Monday, January 18, 2010

What is Your Company's "It's My Pleasure?"

Over the last week I had the opportunity to present to the SHRM-Atlanta new Perimeter GEM.  It was a great experience.  The topic was "Leading Companies the Engaged Way." Lots of good discussion was sparked with attendees.  We began discussing the 5 enablers that drive business outcomes: Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Employees and Customers and how important it is for all areas being aligned to the same mission/vision such as a service focus.  We began discussing service cultures where you can FEEL the empathy and the deliberateness in which employees serve customers.

I cited my experience with Chick-fil-A.  I knew before that they work hard on their service culture, but I can really tell that have really gone that extra mile to further set themselves apart from their competitors.  My son and I often make a game of seeing if the drive through employees will say, "It's my pleasure!"  Chick-fil-a has also added fresh flowers to the table and employees offer to take your tray for you when you are finished eating.   I really believe the employees when they say,  "it's my pleasure."  It is very Ritz Carton-like, but so refreshing in a fast food restaurant.  So, I began to think, how do they execute on "my pleasure?"  How do they align all 5 areas, so that everyone in the company understands the mission and how they deliver on that mission.  Here is some areas that I feel are key when you want to Lead an Engaged Company:

1) You have to hire for "my pleasure" making sure the right people are serving your customers
2) You have to train for "my pleasure" making sure all employees understand the service promise.
3) You have reward for "my pleasure" making sure behaviors are reinforced.
4) You culture has to support "my pleasure"
5) Leadership has to walk their talk making sure they serve employees in a "my pleasure" manner.
6) You must have a clear and articulate strategy for "my pleasure" that everyone understands what that means in their job.

So, here is my question...what is your company's "My Pleasure?  For example, Zappo's hires for "helping others." Ritz Carlton hires "Ladies and Gentleman that serve Ladies and Gentleman."  Tell me about your company's "My pleasure."

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Lisa said...

At PBD our "My Pleasure" is "superior service every time".