Monday, June 28, 2010

How Can an HR Professional Move From Tranactional to Strategic?

Last week I had the honor to present at HR Helping HR an event hosted by SHRM-Atlanta.  The event was designed to assist HR professionals in transition with tips, networking and workshops. It was a great event.

I delivered a presentation on 10 HR Trends: HR 2.0, What's Next?  I had many great questions and wanted to discuss one of the questions here on my blog today.

Fatima Goins, an HR colleague and friend asked, "How do you change your perception of being a transactional HR person to one that is perceived as strategic?"

You can hear my quick answer here:

So, I wanted to ask your opinions on other ways for an HR professional to be seen in a strategic sense.  How have you moved from a "transactional" brand to a "strategic" brand?

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