Friday, June 11, 2010

Who Appreciates You the MOST at Work?

In the June 2nd edition of USA Today,  I noticed one of their polls at the bottom of the "Money Section."  It asked the question, "Who appreciates you the most at work?"  Here were the poll results: (1079 adults over 18 were surveyed)
  • 54%-colleagues
  • 30% Supervisor
  • 16% Executives
So, of course those results made me think.  If the supervisor is the critical component in employee engagement, no wonder over 60% of our workers are disengaged/actively disengaged according to Gallup. I think that 30% number above needs to be much higher if engagement is going to make any significant improvements. The supervisor can do so many things to show appreciation and do those in a VERY cost effective way.

Companies have really been creative in the rewards and recognition department lately, due to our recent economic climate.  

Bob Nelson, a management consultant, has many examples in his book, 1001 Ways to Reward Employees.  Here are some samples from his work:

1) A simple “thank you” costs nothing.
2) Gifts create a lasting reminder of your appreciation (gift cards in the amount that is affordable to your company)
3) Low cost gestures can create a story  Creating a story will create memory that employees can pass on to friends, family and colleagues.  (A photo session with the president, renting a nice car for the employee to drive for a week)
4) Food is always in good taste
5) Time off is universally appreciated

What are some of the ways you have recognized and rewarded your employees lately?  What has worked for your company?

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