Monday, July 5, 2010

Performance Management is a TOOL and not a CHORE

Many times in my career I have had to revamp performance management systems.  I have blogged on the topic asking if we should just get rid of appraisals altogether.  Last week,  I was chatting with a friend, he said, "I am dreading doing all my appraisals next week."  I had to find out the reasons for all this dread.  He then began his list of reasons why he did not like the process:

1) Nothing is ever done with the information
2) They aren't relevant to his employees jobs
3) They are 8 pages long and it will take all week to do 10 appraisals

WOW, as he kept talking it sounded just like a chore instead of something that could really help this manager out in the long run.

I wanted to know what HR was doing regarding the process.  He let me know this was their brand new and improved process.  YIKES!

I then began to think about another HR VP I spoke to last month.  She said, "I think I am going to change our appraisal form to 3 questions."  Of course that piqued my interest.  I said. "What are you going to ask?

1) Overall all performance rating _____________
2) Reasons for this rating
3) Areas of further development

Well that does take care of KISS.  (keeping it simple).  There has to be a happy medium between the 8 pages and just 3 questions.

Then I began to think of my recent travel experiences and I think you could probably get away with just one question:

1) What have you done to exceed customer expectations in the last year?

I know a lot of service employees who would have a hard time answering that question.  But at the end of the day, isn't that what we need to know at appraisal time.  How we have served our customers and what we need to do to serve them better?

What are your thoughts on appraisals?  Friend or foe?  How would you improve and KISS?
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