Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 Ways HR Can Lead Strategy Execution

There is a reason why two-thirds of all strategy fails...IT'S EXECUTION.

After the strategic planning session is over and the t-shirts and coffee mugs are passed out, the strategy just gets stuck.  In our experience it gets stuck somewhere between Director level and the line level employee.  Here are the reasons we find when we do some digging:

1) The strategic plan is so complicated and no one understands it
2) Employees do not know what to do different in their jobs
3) Managers are not given the tools to communicate the strategy
4) Goals and objectives are not cascaded down to the lowest level
5) Rewards and performance measures are not tied to the new strategy

So, since HR is jockeying for strategic partner status, why not figure out this problem with execution and lead the charge!

Here are 7 ways HR can make a difference in strategy execution:

1) Be a part of or lead the strategic planning process so HR is involved at the beginning
2) Assist in the creation of a SIMPLE document that communicates the plan that is easily understandable for ALL employees
3) Align HR strategy to the new strategy so that all HR programs can impact strategy
4) Redo job descriptions updating new behaviors and/or competencies needed to make strategy successful
5) Align all rewards and performance management to desired outcomes
6) Assist departments to develop goals and objectives needed to execute
7) Assist departments in developing metrics to track progress

I am sure there are more than 7 ways HR can impact execution, how have you assisted your organizations in the strategic arena?
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