Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turn Your HR Audit into a STRATEGIC Audit

Throw away your typical HR audit checklists that ask if you have your posters up and your I-9 forms in order.  Ok, now that I have your attention...

Yes, those things are still important, but all those issues fall under the big heading of "HR Basics" and let's face it.  We have been doing the basics for years....we should know how to make sure time-sheets and applications are in order.

So besides the basics, I am thinking we need to add some strategic components to our HR audits.  Here are just a few topics I think should be analyzed during a COMPLETE STRATEGIC HR audit:

1) Is HR linked and aligned to the overall organizational strategy and by the way, did HR participate in the planning portion of the strategy?
2) What does your HR Scorecard look like?  Are the metrics balanced using efficiency, effectiveness and value metrics?
3) Does the organizational structure support the delivery of HR services that are linked to the organizational strategy?
4) If a structural redesign is necessary do you have the needed competencies to fill the new "boxes?"
5) What do HR customers think about HR services and delivery?
6) What does the C-Suite think about the way HR solves problems and impacts the strategic plan?

So, if your audit process did not cover the items above...you have some more work to do.  What does your audit process look like?  Do you have a best audit practice...do tell!

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