Monday, September 13, 2010

Ramblings from the Road: HR Metrics Summit

The message is crystal clear to me regarding HR Metrics after I have attended two events on HR Metrics in the last two weeks. 


Because the train has left the station. (better run!)

As I sat in an SPSS briefing last week regarding their new software suite of products the message was clear that we have graduated from metrics to predictive analytics.  The evolution of HR Metrics goes something like this:

1) Efficiency measures-measuring activity
2) Effectiveness measures-measuring quality
3) Value Metrics-metrics that are tied to organizational strategy
4) Predictive Analytics-using analytics to predict certain organizational situations  

Predictive analytics is a tool that HR (and other business units) can use to provide INSIGHT so that better decisions can be made.  Here are some decision examples from clients, colleagues and from conferences I attended in the last few weeks:
  • One company is using PA to profile successful candidates using engagement, performance, educational, tenure, and certification data so that this profile can be used on the front end during recruiting so candidates stay longer and perform better.
  • Another company is using PA to predict turnover using historical, demographic, engagement and performance data so that succession planning can be customized and so that retention strategies can be revamped and/or created.
  • Another company is using workforce predictive analytics to be able to perform “just in time” hiring.  In other words, being able to predict what skills sets will be needed, how many and when. 

Think about the examples above, how would the C-Suite react if HR brought this insight to the conversation?

Would HR have to worry about that table we have been yacking about for 20 years if we could provide insight?

Keep the conversation going give me your thoughts….

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