Thursday, October 14, 2010

Conference Day Two: Hey HR Get on The Metrics Train

This morning's opening remarks by Dr. Jac Fitz Enz made me think about HR Metrics and where we currently stand. He said, "I conducted my first conference on metrics in 1978." Amazing...and sad.

Fast forward, 30+ years and I ask myself, why aren't we further along? There were about 5% of the attendees self reporting that they are not using HR metrics at all with 47% saying they have just started, 40% have been using metrics awhile and only 7% reporting an advanced use of analytics.

Ken Currig, EVP of HR from Comcast said this AM, "CEO's are looking for some department (if not HR, then another one) to provide INSIGHT on employee contributions." That statement makes me nervous. With HR's transactional jobs being outsourced at lightening speeds, what is left for HR to lead? I believe it is about strategy, productivity and providing INSIGHT to the business on people related issues/challenges.

Mike Echols CEO, Human Capital Lab, stated, "Human Capital is the competitive advantage for companies in the 21st century."

So, putting this all together: In thirty years we haven't made much progress in the HR Metrics arena, HR's function is changing, and our people are our competitive advantage.

HR must participate in the new normal. CEO's aren't going to get less demanding regarding insight they are getting more demanding. HR has been shouting from the rooftops about being more strategic. Guess what? Here is your opportunity....

Please ask me how to do this.....

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Michael D. Haberman, SPHR said...

And if they do not take this opportunity now the may not have it in the future.