Monday, October 11, 2010

Taking HR Metrics to the Next Level

I am preparing to go to New York City to attend The Conference Board's Human Capital Metrics Conference. I was asked to come and blog about their conference. I am very excited about this, because metrics are near and dear to my heart, I love to blog and's in New York City.

This is my second HR Metrics Conference in the last two months. I wrote about the first experience a few weeks ago. What has become crystal clear to me is that HR Metrics are at an interesting place. I see most HR professionals in one of the following situations:

1) Infancy phase of metrics-have just started measuring tracking metrics
2) Measuring for awhile-this group has been measuring HR effectiveness and efficiency for some time, but are not sure which metrics are important.
3) Predictive analytics-This group is making the leap from tracking and managing metrics to really proving impact by predicting HR and people related outcomes.

In my informal research and just plain gut feel, I think the percentages for the above is 45%, 45% 10%, respectively. So that begs the question, why so few HR professionals make the leap to Predictive Analytics?

Well, this is one of the questions I hope to answer this week while in NYC. I plan to blog everyday beginning on Wednesday. I would like to keep my posts relevant to my readers. So, please comment below with any questions you have about HR metrics and I will be sure to get those answered as the guru of metrics will be there...Dr. Jac-Fitz-Enz.

I will be using hashtag #TCBHCM on Twitter for those of you that would like to follow what is happening at the conference.


Anonymous said...


I'm curious to know who is using sales per employee, operating income per employee or cash flow per employee, total number of employees, and returns on capital or hcroi.

I've done a lot of research on these metrics and found that those who outperform their competitors on OIE/CFE and TNE by far outperform in the stock market. You can find some of this research on my company's website at or on our blog at

Look forward to your summaries of the conference.

CorDell Larkin

Unknown said...

Thanks Cordell, I will pay close attention to those metrics you listed an hope to have an answer for you.

I will read your research, hopefully this week, thanks for sharing that !