Monday, December 27, 2010

10 HR Analytics Predictions for 2011

Ok, it's my LAST post of the year. It's time for me to ponder and think about what all I have learned in 2010 and try to see what 2011 brings in the world of HR Analytics.

I was so fortunate to have been invited to speak and blog on the subject this past year. I learned a lot from speakers and attendees.

My partner and I are writing our first book on the subject of Human Capital Analytics which HR should be heavily involved in.

All these experiences haven given me a lot to think about analytics and ponder what's next.

So here it list of 12 predictions for next year:

1) HR will continue to struggle to find their role in HR Analytics, it should be in the drivers seat

2) CEO's will get MORE demanding in their need for fact based decision making

3) Data analysis tools are no longer just for statisticians. The tools are now available for end users right on their desktops. (Excel, SPSS, etc.)

4) HR Departments will hire data analysis talent to get the data that CEO's need to work within HR.

5) Metrics are yesterday.....(tracking). Analytics are today and tomorrow (insight based decision making)

6) Collaboration will be needed across functions to make sure the RIGHT analytics are being used to measure and test the RIGHT things. Who drives this? (my thought...HR)

7) I believe reporting will become more and more simplified due to #3. Data and insight will be cascaded down to the end user level.

8) The HR person that has business acumen, statistical skills and HR generalist knowledge will be a very popular person in 2011!

9) Small to medium sized business will continue to adapt Analytics as they can't afford not to. Insight leads to competitive advantage.

10) Companies that use analytics to predict, measure, and make decisions will be those that beat their competition and adjust their strategies based on insight and experience.

What are your thoughts on HR Analytics? Let's add to this list of predictions!
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