Saturday, December 11, 2010

Help! I am STUCK and Can't Up!

Have you ever worked on a very difficult project?
Have you ever been in a challenging brainstorming session?
Have you ever embarked on a piece of work, that you knew at the end was going to be GREAT, but right now it is hard?

Well, I have to answer YES to all three of the questions above. Over the last few weeks my business partner, Barbara Hughes and I have embarked on one of the most challenging, interesting, and coolest projects ever.

We are working on writing our first book. There. It's out there. We have to deliver.

(No pressure)

But, as we go through our thinking process, our methodology, our voice....we have moments that we land at the same concept in very different ways. Barbara is super smart and super strategic. I am very, very process-oriented, experiential and detailed-driven. I will get there...but I need to touch it, feel it, and see it before I can completely grasp the idea and run with it. I need a method to all the madness and she loves the madness. It's a great combo for an awesome end result!

We recognize our different thinking styles thanks to HBDI and when we get to a place of "stuckness" we just go shopping! LOL. Or we just do something else. But we recognize it, and it DOES NOT HINDER OUR GOAL.

I say all of this as I started thinking about how this plays out in organizations. What happens when people get stuck on a difficult project? I have been on teams previously where this has happened. Either the project gets stalled or the team members shut down and no one can figure out how to move forward.

How do you get UNSTUCK? Tell me more...


Unknown said...

I am working on a video blog which will be released in 1/2011 and I am very excited about it. I am learning about video editing and different social media outlets that are available for publishing. BUt there are days where I get stuck with the task of how can I make one post different from the next. Then I ask myself why am I doing this... is it worth it, will anybody read or watch this...but then I press on anyway because I know if I want to be blessed in my work I got to give my dreams something to work I write, edit and I search for shooting locations despite the doubt and this action moves me past the negative self talk..... Hope this the way I enjoyed the read. Sabine Taylor

Unknown said...

Hi Sabine:

Thanks for reading and commenting...especially on a Saturday. Your project seems very interesting. Good luck to you on that. I think you are right, you just have to keep pressing on, ignore your aggravating self doubts and JUST DO IT!

Thanks and have a wonderful Holiday!