Monday, May 2, 2011

HRevolution 2011: Why You Should Go

I had the pleasure of attending HRevolution this weekend in Atlanta. It was the third time the "unconference" took place and my first time to attend. "I will be back." I attend many conferences every year, and they are basically the same. There is a Keynote, then workshops, with PowerPoints. I feel very thrown up on when I leave. I am guilty as I usually am doing some of the throwing up.

I didn't feel that way late Saturday when I left HRevolution. I felt like I was a part of the conference. I did not attend workshops. I attended live discussions on interesting topics. Here is a sample of the discussions I participated in:

1) Pop Culture, Politics, and HR – Laurie Ruettimann and Matt Stollak-We discussed if bringing a discussion of pop culture and politics into the work environment is a positive or negative. We also talked about "that guy" that is the top seller but is a huge asshole. What do you do with that guy? And to finish up the chat, we discussed organizational values vs. opinions. As you can see interesting and stimulating. To see more, check out the twitter hashtag #pophr.

2) Connecting in a Non-creepy Way – Shauna Moerke, and Dwane Lay-Shauna and Dwane discussed the different online personals a person can have online including a lurker, a social butterfly, a pimp, a robot and others. Understanding what makes an interaction "feel creepy" was also discussed by the individuals in the room. Again, interesting and relevant. Check out the twitter hashtag #noncreepy

3) The HR Slam – Mary Ellen Slayter and Charlie Judy-This session was very interesting. The attendees in the room actually got to solve a real live HR problem. We were given a scenario from a real company and acted as a team of consultants to come up with the best solution. Yes, there were prizes for the winning team. There were some heated moments...all good though. Check out hashtag #hrslam on twitter.

Besides the content examples above, you should attend because:

1) Be a part of the evolution of HR...have a voice
2) Connect with other individuals who are passionate about #1 and also have influence. (Another great discussion on influence was lead by China Gorman and Paul Smith)
3) It makes you THINK...
4) You can understand what is NEXT in HR, not just what is RIGHT NOW
5) It is fun and you can say swear words if you want to!
6) There is an emphasis on bacon; from chocolate cupcakes with bacon to prizes including bacon

Hope to see you at the next one! I hear it is in Vegas appropriate!


Rita said...

Wish I had been there! Sounds awesome!

Unknown said...

Me too Rita! I thought of another reason to attend. I made so many valuable connections and met so many people I had been interacting with was so cool!

Thanks for reading!

Mary Ellen Slayter said...

Thanks for your kind words about our session!

Unknown said...

My pleasure, Mary Ellen! Thanks of reading!

Unknown said...

It was so great to meet you and now I have found your blog, too! Double lucky! I only wish I had gotten a Meet-Meme card - Vegas, maybe?

I like that this great post was from a first-timer and I will share it with my network.

Unknown said...

It was so great meeting you at HRevolution, and now I've found your blog, too. Double lucky!

I like that this post is from a first-timer and I am going to share it with my networks to encourage people to step out of the Power Point box.

I wish I had gotten your Meet-Meme card. Vegas, maybe?

Unknown said...

Joan: It was so good to met you finally. I wish I had some of the cars...I was a late attendee and didn't know about them. I would love to be in Vegas...

Have a great week and thanks for reading!


Charlie Judy said...

sorry to be so late in coming across this comment - so glad you found the topic/exercise interesting. i think we have an opportunity to bring more real working sessions like this to other venues...and to offer our expertise to a community which could really benefit from it. thanks for the mention and support - i enjoyed meeting you in Atlanta.

Unknown said...

Charlie, nice meeting you as well and look forward to seeing you again someday!