Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cathy's Vents for the Week

I need a place to vent and what a better place than my blog. Sometimes you just need to get a few things off your chest.

1) I do not like this cold weather in HotLanta! More summer please.
2) Please, please quit asking me for free consulting. We are still in a dismal economy and I still have a kid in college.
3) Mediation is a place where you go to argue with rules
4) My dogs need a haircut
5) I don't watch Dancing with the Stars and I probably never will. So quit asking me, "Did you see Chaz Bono last night?"

And sometimes you need to be reminded of your blessings....

1) Our business has survived 14 years :)
2) My son is in college and he seems to like it :)
3) I get a new beginning at 47 years old :)
4) My dogs love me :)
5) We live in a country where you can be yourself...whomever that is :)

Ok, I feel much better!


Michelle said...

Love this and I think there are many of us out here who would have said the same things!


Michelle said...

Love this and you took many of the words right out of my mouth!