Monday, December 12, 2011

HR You're A Rockstar!

We are almost finished with 2011 and what a year this has been. I am so ready for 2012, looking forward to a fresh start and new opportunities.

As I look back on 2011, it has been an interesting year. I have seen my HR profession really step up to the economic challenges that we have all been facing for the last 3 years. I hate that it took a recession to wake some HR professionals up...but hey...whatever it takes.

I have seen some real HR Rockstars this year, so let me recap the reasons for my renewed enthusiasm for my peeps:

1) Our company conducted 3 HR Strategy and Metrics Bootcamps this year. At each one I saw HR professionals from small, medium and large companies discuss their company's strategy like nobody's business. It was amazing to hear, HR professionals talk about competitive advantage, strategic objectives and business outcomes. Music to my ears!

2) I attended the Halogen Software's users conference this Fall. I had the opportunity to discuss performance management with attendees. I heard things like, "We have linked our competencies to our organizational strategy" and "We pay for performance and we mean it" Yeah....finally. I also heard attendees talk about the ROI of purchasing a system like Halogen. WOW, ROI and HR professionals...there is a God!

3) I also have the honor of teaching HR professionals and I have NEVER had the calibre of student I have had this past year and I have been teaching for 10+ years. Students are asking great questions, discussing how to be better HR professionals, and really being great business people first and great HR people second. I love that.

4) Our HR clients seem to be more intertwined with their business. Whether that means, HR is leading strategic execution or participating with strategy creation, I see a change. 4-5 years ago when I asked about "strategy" you would have thought I asked for the cure to the common cold. Today, HR professionals can discuss, link and align with corporate strategy. #winning!

5) HR professionals are getting serious about metrics. Even though momentum has been stalled for awhile, I see forward momentum in this area. I believe it has been driven by CEO's needing data for decision making. It's been a slow ride, but I do see progress. We still have a ways to go as now metrics are yesterday and analytics are today.

As you can see, I no longer feel we should discuss, "Why We NEED HR?" I now believe HR is a strategic weapon for our organizations. Companies are winning with their talent, their competitive advantage. HR is in charge of managing that talent and making sure strategic objectives are obtained. Now, that we have realized our mission....there is no stopping HR Rockstars!


Ruby Claire said...

Discussing on competitive advantage is the key-skill of HR to develop organisation.

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Connie Costigan said...

Cathy thanks for the Halogen user conference mention. Collaborating with you there and discussing these key HR strategy issues is of growing importance to our customers as they move from leveraging talent management tools for automating processes to using them strategically to drive business results and sustain competitive advantage.

Unknown said...

Hi Connie:

Thanks for reading. Talent Management continues to be at the forefront for business leaders. I look forward to working with you guys in 2012.