Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving from Transactional HR to Strategic HR

StrategicLand, where we as HR professionals have wanted to be, for at least two decades. Picture this scenario:

You are the VP, Human Resources for a very profitable company that is growing internationally. You realize to do so, that you need to become more strategic than transactional as far as what HR delivers to the business. The problem is this....the leadership of your organization doesn't understand why HR needs to be strategic. Things are going well...the company is in growth mode and making money. So the question is, "Why change if it ain't broke?"

Tell me how you answer this question. In other words how do you make a business case in this scenario. We know, it's the right thing to do and we can point to anecdotal reasons. But, when budgets are tight and CEO's are more risk adverse than ever, what would be your "case" for taking HR to the next level.

I was delivering some training last week and was kidding with my attendees that I could make a fortune writing business cases for HR leaders. It is a skill that most other functions in the business have, but HR has not been used to this practice.

For me, the business case is a must have and it gives clarity to the issue at hand. The business case assists the writer in formulating the problem, the objectives, the proposed solutions, the timelines, and the resources needed in a succinct and logical way. The decision maker can then make a decision based on fact and expected outcomes.

So tell me....Have you used the business case and how would you use it around moving from a transactional HR department to a strategic one as in my scenario above?

If you comment and send me your feedback...I will send you a business case template of your very own!!

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