Monday, April 23, 2012

Unplug, Relax, Unwind...It's Vacation Time!

It's two days before I leave the office for a total of 11 days, but who is counting?  I am headed to New Orleans to speak at LA SHRM and as soon as I say, "Thank you very much, "  I am headed to the beach.

As you can see, I also have writers block, so I am rambling on about my vacation.

I have pre-vacation writers block.  I usually come up with a topic in the shower, but all I can think about is my vacation list.  Beach hats, suntan oil, romance novels and adult beverages.

I am very jealous of my fellow blogger, Chris Havrilla as she has a dozen or so topics floating around in her head...and I can't come up with one!

So, I am writing about unplugging and my need to unplug.

I am one of those annoying people that get out of bed and checks email, I get out of my car with my phone to my ear, and I am usually texting or tweeting while attending events.  I am never not typing or talking.  I believe it's an addiction.  "Hello, my name is Cathy Missildine, and I can't unplug."  "Hello, Cathy!"

So, I want to challenge myself AFTER the conference to UNPLUG.  I mean totally.   The problem is my electronics will be with me and that makes me nervous.  Also, I want to be able to show everyone via pics how much fun I am having...right?  I tell myself I have to have my phone, what if my son calls me?  He is 19, not 2, he will be fine....I think.

My advice to everyone I know, is to get away from the office.  You need a break from it all.  I am wondering why I can't do that myself?  It's not that I think the office will cave in without me as Barbara Hughes has that under control.  Maybe, it's my own need to feel connected.

I can feel myself over the last few weeks being extremely burned out.  I feel like my creative juices aren't flowing as they usually do.  It's been a tough last few years both professionally and personally (notice the last name change, @cathymissildine).  So, I believe a vacation is definitely what the Dr. has ordered.

So, now I am accountable to everyone...after Friday, no calls, no letters, no tweets, no Foursquare updates, no Facebook, no LinkedIn, no Pinterest, no Blog.

I feel like I am fixin' to break out in a cold sweat, just thinking about it...

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