Monday, April 23, 2012

Unplug, Relax, Unwind...It's Vacation Time!

It's two days before I leave the office for a total of 11 days, but who is counting?  I am headed to New Orleans to speak at LA SHRM and as soon as I say, "Thank you very much, "  I am headed to the beach.

As you can see, I also have writers block, so I am rambling on about my vacation.

I have pre-vacation writers block.  I usually come up with a topic in the shower, but all I can think about is my vacation list.  Beach hats, suntan oil, romance novels and adult beverages.

I am very jealous of my fellow blogger, Chris Havrilla as she has a dozen or so topics floating around in her head...and I can't come up with one!

So, I am writing about unplugging and my need to unplug.

I am one of those annoying people that get out of bed and checks email, I get out of my car with my phone to my ear, and I am usually texting or tweeting while attending events.  I am never not typing or talking.  I believe it's an addiction.  "Hello, my name is Cathy Missildine, and I can't unplug."  "Hello, Cathy!"

So, I want to challenge myself AFTER the conference to UNPLUG.  I mean totally.   The problem is my electronics will be with me and that makes me nervous.  Also, I want to be able to show everyone via pics how much fun I am having...right?  I tell myself I have to have my phone, what if my son calls me?  He is 19, not 2, he will be fine....I think.

My advice to everyone I know, is to get away from the office.  You need a break from it all.  I am wondering why I can't do that myself?  It's not that I think the office will cave in without me as Barbara Hughes has that under control.  Maybe, it's my own need to feel connected.

I can feel myself over the last few weeks being extremely burned out.  I feel like my creative juices aren't flowing as they usually do.  It's been a tough last few years both professionally and personally (notice the last name change, @cathymissildine).  So, I believe a vacation is definitely what the Dr. has ordered.

So, now I am accountable to everyone...after Friday, no calls, no letters, no tweets, no Foursquare updates, no Facebook, no LinkedIn, no Pinterest, no Blog.

I feel like I am fixin' to break out in a cold sweat, just thinking about it...


Chris Havrilla said...

No better time than now, my friend -- you have started a new chapter anyway and I know it is feeling and looking great on you!! Learning to unplug will fit right in :)

Then...Please come back and teach me how to do it!!!

B. George said...

Good Luck on your Conference and Better Luck on your Vacation.

The "Secret" to Unplugging are:
1. Surround yourself with all of the great things you want to do and enjoy.
2. Lock your computer up and ONLY look at your phone for messages 30 minutes before going to bed. For REAL Emergencies, leave your give your phone number of where you are staying (not your cell number)so that someone can call (and leave a message, if required). So you are not required to be "tethered" by either your mobile number, a landline (use answering machine) and or your computer.
3. Nike - Just Do It !

Unknown said...

Thanks B. George for reading and sending along such good advice. I love all your suggestions. Especially, #3....just do it!