Monday, November 26, 2012

The New HR Competencies

This past summer at the SHRM National Conference, hosted in my fair city of Atlanta, GA, the new HR Competencies were announced.

I personally had been waiting on these for awhile as I remember participating in the research for the project.

Here are the 9 competencies as determined by SHRM:

1) Technical HR Knowledge (like comp, talent management, recruiting, etc.)
2) Ethical Practice
3) Impactful Communication
4) Consultation
5) Critical Evaluation
6) Global and Cultural Effectiveness
7) Relationship Management
8) Organizational Leadership and Navigation
9) Business Acumen

I was very happy to see that "Critical Evaluation" made the list because I have felt that a competency that included measurement and analytics had been sorely lacking in other models.

I LOVE Organizational Leadership and Navigation as I believe that is what HR people are supposed to be doing.  Here is the formal definition:

The ability to lead or maneuver initiatives and processes within the organization with great agility.  
I think the "with great agility" is the part we as HR professionals need to concentrate on.  The ability of HR professionals to ebb and flow with the business is key.

The rest of the list I had pretty much seen no big surprises there.

What do you think about the new list?  Any competency missing?


Andy Spence said...

Hi Cathy - thanks for sharing the new HR competencies. It is interesting to compare to Dave Ulrich's view of the 6 competencies HR need :- Capability Builder, Change Champion, HR Innovator/Integrator, Technology Proponent, Credible Activist, Strategic Positioner. For those interested, the article is at Thanks, Andy

Team building said...
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Alan Allard said...

Emotional intelligence is missing.

Unknown said...

Yes it is Alan...

Unknown said...

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