Tuesday, April 16, 2013

From HR Metrics to HR Intelligence

I had the pleasure of writing "From HR Metrics to HR Intelligence" for the HR Examiner this week.  Check out my post here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hey Boo Boo, Who Has the Company Picnic Basket?

Look what showed up in my email box.  Look at the greeting, "Hi Company Picnic Planner."  I thought for sure HR's days of planning picnics were over.  It literally made me laugh out loud and I had to post it on facebook for more laughs.  

How do spammers know that a) I am in HR and b) HR has the perception of planning picnics?

I can remember when I was just a young HR chick.  I worked for a technology company outside of Atlanta.  One of my primary duties back in 1994 was to plan our annual company picnic.  I hated that.  Everyone wanted fat free this, and I hate hot dogs, and I am a vegan.  It was exhausting.  

I haven't thought about HR and picnics in the same sentence since probably around 1995 when I left that company and went to work at Aon.  

So, have I been riding the strategic HR horse too long or is HR still in the picnic business?