Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Debrief on #SHRM13

Well, It's my first day back in the office following SHRM's Annual Conference.  The theme was "Becoming More" which I really liked as I believe as HR professionals we need to always strive to become better at what we do.

I wanted to hit a few highlights:

1) The opening session on Sunday was really good.  Fareed Zakaria opened for Hilary Clinton and both gave a very optimistic view of the future of our country and both emphasized talent as being a competitive advantage for the USA.  It was a good opening to the next few days.

2) The variety of programming was really good.  Upon talking with MANY attendees, whether SPHR, GPHR, entry or senior level, there was something for almost everyone.

3) I was really excited to have 1300+ in my "Moving from HR Metrics to Analytics" presentation.  I can remember talking about metrics with 10 people in a room.  I feel as if the conversation is definitely changing from "why do I have to measure HR?" to "I must measure HR."

4) I was able to reconnect and have great conversations with fellow colleagues, bloggers, clients and new friends.

5) The opening session on Day 2, was by far my favorite.  I love a good story.  Tom's Shoes founder, Blake Mycoskie told his inspirational story of starting Tom's shoes.  He said, "You can do good by doing good."  I believe that.

6) The exhibit hall was amazing.  I was able to visit so many vendors and chat about what is new and exciting.  I am sure the calls will start next week...LOL.

7) The extracurricular activities were awesome.  From dinners, to the Tweetup, and Kelly Clarkston,  a fun time was had for sure.  What happens in Chicago, stays in Chicago!

I missed Gabby Gifford and her husband's session on Wednesday as I was on my way back.  From  all the social media channels, it sounds as if they were awesome as well.

So, I think its great to take a few days to "become more."  I needed to become more informed.  I needed to become more connected.  I needed to become more of a subject matter expert.  I think I accomplished all of that in Chicago.


paraman52 said...

Hello, Cathy,

Good synopsis of the conference. Talent being a key component of national success resonates with me. You can look at any area: business, the military, etc., and its not so much the equipment and processes/doctrine that separates the winners from the losers, it is the people who put them to use. Military history, in particular, is replete with examples of how a numerically smaller force defeated a larger, even better-equipped one.

That having been said, how we acquire and/or grow talent becomes a key responsibility of both HR professionals and line managers. This is a key takeaway for me.


Velva said...

This is cool!