Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's Up With Your HR Metrics?

I have been so blocked the last few months regarding my blog.  I used to pump out posts every Monday rain or shine.  This year it's been tough.  I am not sure why I have this writer's block.  Maybe it's because I am going in 19 directions and can't focus.  Maybe it's because my world is about as polar opposite as it was five years ago and I am shell shocked.  Maybe I have run out of things to talk about.

How can that be true?  I am never at a loss for words.

I have been writing this blog focusing around being strategic in HR and HR metrics since 1998.  Maybe I have covered it all.  (not hardly!)

I do know that HR metrics and analytics are now part of the HR conversation.  No matter what you read, HR metrics is an area where HR is spending time, money and resources.  So, I should have plenty to say.

I think I was talking about all this stuff before everyone was ready to listen.

So, now I think I will do the listening.  I do see the change in HR conversations.  I see the change in how HR is approaching metrics.  Change takes time.

So...tell me what is going on in your organizations as it related to HR metrics.  Is there a priority around metrics?  Are you creating a HR dashboard?

What do you still want to know about metrics (this should give me some topics!)

If you still don't want to discuss metrics, how about commenting on my dog Titan...