Wednesday, October 16, 2013

From Transactional Data to Strategic Insights

It's been awhile since you have heard from  me.  Can I use the excuse I have been on the road for about  6 weeks?  I did write an article on an airplane last week for HR Examiner.  I think you all will like it.  Think about all the transactional data HR has just lying around in databases, HRIS systems and Talent Management systems that isn't being analyzed.  What an opportunity! Check out the article to see how to go from transactional data to strategic insights.


MJ said...

I'm not convinced that HR has big data. We have a lot of data - more than we know what to do with at times - but I don't think it is big data.

However we do have the capacity to do more with what we have. We really just do reporting for the most part, but the potential do do analytics is high, and the potential benefit is significant.

I think predictive analytics is probably beyond most companies, especially when we look at small and medium business (whether it's because of systems, amount of data or the data science skills). That shouldn't stop us from going to the next level, whether from reactive to proactive reporting, or form reporting to analytics.

Unknown said...

Thanks MJ for commenting. I agree with you on all points. I do believe some large companies with hundreds of thousands of employees do have big data when it comes to transactions. I believe that HR analytics are here to say, so we need to figure out how to use our data to provide insight to our companies.

Anonymous said...

While HR has the data, very often HR strategic dashboards showing required analytics needs to be developed. They have to simple but yet giving powerful and significant story which can be used for meaningful business decision which has short term and long term impact
Vandana Gohain SPHR

Unknown said...

Agreed, emphasis on STRATEGIC dashboards with metrics toughly aligned to organizational strategy.