Saturday, February 10, 2018

It's Been a While


"Often when you think you are at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else." 
Fred Rogers

The last time I posted a blog post was in late 2016.  I was on the road, I was a consultant, I was a business owner.  I was 52.

Fast forward to February 2018, I am a CHRO for one of my former clients and I love it.  I get asked the question at least once a week, "Why did you go back to corporate life?'

I get asked that question a lot by my former consultant colleagues.  As an external consultant, the mantra goes something like this, "I could never go back to work for corporate America."  I said that many times during my consulting career of 20 years.  I can remember saying something similar to my business partner and now dear friend Barbara Hughes, "I would rather scan groceries than work at corporate."  I guess I'd  better call Publix, because here I sit, an employee of a very fast paced, growing business in Atlanta, GA.

The reasons are many, but the stars just lined up at the right time and I am so glad they did.

These reasons are in no particular order-

Reason #1-I know the company.  I had been consulting for them since 2009, and I knew their CEO, their Executive Team, their culture and their challenges.  I like them a lot.  The company has a family feel, and I like that and so do our clients and members.

Reason #2-I want to actually see the end results of projects, recommendations and ideas.  So many times as a consultant, you come up with the best plans but never get to see the end result.

Reason #3-I would not have to live on an airplane and in a Marriott.  I was getting a little tired of being a road warrior.  I was really enjoying my time off at the lake with family and friends.  Travel was becoming more difficult and less fun.

Reason #4-I have figured out that I really like to "fix things" and "problem solve" and "teach people" how to increase their performance at work.  These things take time and you usually can only do these in the short term as a consultant.

Reason #5-I need to be home in Atlanta.  My family needs me.

So, for these reasons when my client asked me to come onsite last December to focus on their benefits challenges, I said yes.  And then, eight months later,  I said yes when they asked to be their CHRO in August of 2017.

I do miss all my consultant friends.  But, we do stay in touch and hopefully we will continue to collaborate just in different roles.

It's been a crazy, fun ride so far.  I thought it would be interesting to dedicate this blog to the real issues that a CHRO deals with, what keeps me up at night and how a growing business navigates its own growth pains.  I say on a weekly basis, "I need to write a book" well this is the next best thing.

Stay tuned!